This is my Exodus

National Book Award long list nominee I’ve had a fantastic few weeks! Thanks to my publisher, Bloomsbury, I had a multi-city book tour that gave me lots of exposure and allowed me to visit kids’ schools in three states. Amazing! Also, there was the little matter of being recognized along with nine other nationally recognized … Continue reading This is my Exodus

What do you think about that?

ART/Sherri Winston Millionaires of the Past MARY ELLEN PLEASANT—solemn housemaid to self-made millionaire. She worked as a housemaid and cookInvestments were her passionshe eavesdropped on high-flying white businessmen who never suspected a black woman could understand their important talks about money, property, valuation and stockMary Ellen and a partner bought laundries, dairies and even owned … Continue reading What do you think about that?

About Lauren

Celebrate life Grief feels so lonely. However, thanks to all the beautiful understanding since the Nov. 6 death of my daughter, I can truly say I do not feel alone. In November of 2000, I sat in a large, crowded judge’s conference room and felt my insides quiver as I heard the banging of her … Continue reading About Lauren

History Is Made

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, my nephew and I watched history being made when SpaceX launched into outer space. Daelyn, my nephew, is a 17-year-old high school junior. I’ve been telling that boy he was a natural-born engineer since he was seven or eight. Did he listen to me? Noooo! Then along comes Elon Musk. Now … Continue reading History Is Made