What do you think about that?

ART/Sherri Winston Millionaires of the Past MARY ELLEN PLEASANT—solemn housemaid to self-made millionaire. She worked as a housemaid and cookInvestments were her passionshe eavesdropped on high-flying white businessmen who never suspected a black woman could understand their important talks about money, property, valuation and stockMary Ellen and a partner bought laundries, dairies and even owned … Continue reading What do you think about that?

About Lauren

Celebrate life Grief feels so lonely. However, thanks to all the beautiful understanding since the Nov. 6 death of my daughter, I can truly say I do not feel alone. In November of 2000, I sat in a large, crowded judge’s conference room and felt my insides quiver as I heard the banging of her … Continue reading About Lauren

History Is Made

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, my nephew and I watched history being made when SpaceX launched into outer space. Daelyn, my nephew, is a 17-year-old high school junior. I’ve been telling that boy he was a natural-born engineer since he was seven or eight. Did he listen to me? Noooo! Then along comes Elon Musk. Now … Continue reading History Is Made


Exhaust is thundering from the engines. Plumes of fire are eating away the sides of the plane. Would I be able to save everyone? Or were we doomed?           from--Jada Sly, Artist and Spy, by Sherri Winston GOODREADS GOOD BOOK GIVEAWAY Ever wondered what motivates a 10-year-old spy? Sure you have! Wonder no more. Visit @bowlofsherrisart or … Continue reading JADA SLY, ARTIST and SPY, BOOK GIVEAWAY