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History Is Made

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, my nephew and I watched history being made when SpaceX launched into outer space. Daelyn, my nephew, is a 17-year-old high school junior. I’ve been telling that boy he was a natural-born engineer since he was seven or eight. Did he listen to me? Noooo! Then along comes Elon Musk. Now the kid is monitoring the NASA website and reading about … Continue reading History Is Made


With five days until my birthday, my wish is for you to remember these every day heroes. Old Navy’s latest tv campaign is awash in color, style and substance. The new “We Are We” campaign celebrates five young activists speaking out for change. According to Campaign Online (Lindsey Stein), the tv and digital spots will feature five people actively involved in making the world a … Continue reading 5 REASONS TO CELEBRATE YOUNG ACTIVISTS


She’s at it again! Brianna Justice, of President of the Whole Fifth Grade (Little, Brown), is on the move–going all across the country as part of Barnes & Noble’s Summer Reading program. From Barnes & Noble: “Young readers grades 1-6 can earn a free book through the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading program! Learn more:  #BNSummerReading“ Brianna is in good company, as other beloved characters … Continue reading B&N CELEBRATES BOOKS


In honor of my B-day being seven days away, I’ve chosen seven works of fiction that shape the way I approach my writing. Characters sharp as a crease. Sandford’ s character development is a writing clinic in Storm Prey. He weaves an intricate web and manages to juggle a huge cast and still have each character stand out. I remember them all—and I struggle to … Continue reading TOP 7 BOOKS THAT INFLUENCE MY WRITING

bOok ReviEwS

UNspeakable THINGS By Jess Lourey Lourey’s taut family drama and murder mystery is a slow burn that raises your hackles from the outset and keeps you on edge until the end. Cassie McDowell is living the American dream with her parents, school teacher mom, artist dad, and teen big sister, in 1980s Minnesota. But from the outset, we see the cracks in her parents’ carefully … Continue reading bOok ReviEwS