LISA GRAFF: Lost In The Sun Ooo, goody! I love new-book-release Tuesday. Today we celebrate the release of an awesome new book by Lisa Graff, Lost In the Sun. Young readers, get ready to get your socks knocked off. For real. This book has lots of drama, action and plain old-fashioned good writing. It follows … Continue reading NEW REVIEW

10 Minute Review: Lost In The Sun by Lisa Graff

I’ve read this book. It is awesome. If you want to be awesome, you must read this book, too.


To spread the Lisa Graff love, Penguin Young Readers is hosting a sweepstakes to give away 25 copies of LOST IN THE SUN!

To enter, tweet “Preorder #LostInTheSun @lisagraff to enter to win 25 signed copies! US only Ends 5/25” or your own language—but make sure to use the link and the hashtag.

School Library Journal will also be hosting a twitter chat with Lisa Graff on pub day, so please join for that on May 26th!

Sometimes I read professional book reviews and wonder why the heck do I bother writing about books on this little blog. Did you see the review of Lisa Graff’s Lost in the Sun in the New York Times? It is a beautiful review. I wish that I could figure out how to do such beautiful things with the words and sentence I use when writing about books.

The truth is…

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