Not the end. A new beginning.



Remember the hope? Hope is the precious gift we give ourselves. We must not let it die. It is time to turn desperation into contemplation. Then contemplation into computation. Add and subtract what you are willing to sacrifice, to and from what you are willing to achieve. Action, perseverance and stamina are our lights. Let us not become enslaved by despair and despondancy. Regret is the refuge of the unbeliever. Rather, let us embrace the struggle and join the fight. Freedom is worth fighting for. So with the clarity of a boxer’s bell, let freedom ring.

2 comments on “Not the end. A new beginning.

  1. Bonnie DiPacio

    Can’t watch.

    • Me either. Which is why I’m waxing philosophical and praying on the hope that made our country great. We are entering a very weird time, indeed.

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