The Quest Continues. No, not a title for my next book–it’s my lifelong pursuit of The List! Is James Patterson writing down my number? “Yoo-hoo! Mr. Patterson! Call me!”

I want to write a bestseller! Wanna write a bestseller! Want. to. write. a. bestseller. Ahhh! There, I’ve admitted it. I do, I do, I do. Sure, I write because the voices whisper their stories in my ear and then the stories take shape and I have to write. I just wish one of the whisperers whispered, “Pssst! Come here! This story is guaranteed to make the NYT Bestseller List. My goal doesn’t come from some lofty, self-less place. Not even really a commercial place. More like validation. I write because THEY LOVE ME. *sigh* Someday.

Until then, check out the latest NYT List with a few comments from yours truly:

New York Times Children Hardcover Middle Grade Bestseller List/Aug. 9/20

  1. The One and Only Bob, by Katherine Applegate, illus. by Patricia Castelao/HarperCollins (13 weeks)
  2. Wonder, by R. J. Palacio/Knopf (259 weeks)
  3. Little Leaders, by Vashti Harrison/Little, Brown (40 weeks)
  4. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs, by America’s Test Kitchen Kids/Sourcebook Jabberwocky (68 weeks)
  5. Refugee, by Alan Gratz, Scholastic (105 weeks)
  6. Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, by Jeff Kinney/Amulet (68 weeks)
  7. Wings of Fire: Legends: Dragon Slayer, by Tui T. Sutherland/Scholastic (21 weeks)
  8. A Wolf Called Wander, by Roseanne Parry, illus. by Monica ArmiÑo/Greenwillow (40 weeks)
  9. Look Both Ways, by Jason Reynolds/Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy (14 weeks)
  10. Ali Cross, by James Patterson/jimmy Patterson (28 weeks)

I like to see not only the books that are on the list, but how long they’ve been there. No. 2 blows my mind–Wonder, by Palacio, 259 weeks! Are you kidding me? It’s a juggernaut. A list hog. Make room for someone else, Palacio! And what about Refugee? It’s fifth on the list, but has been on the list for 105 weeks!

Now Patterson, who has always been a friend-in-my-head, is No. 10 with Ali Cross, 28 weeks on the list. I am a huge Alex Cross fan, as well as a devotee of several other Patterson titles. I even signed up for his MasterClass, which was really helpful in reminding me to take care of the basics of good writing before applying them to thriller or suspense genres.

Truthfully, I hold no grudge against Palacio. It’s a great book with a great following. Same for Refugee. Still, in my heart, I’ve been waiting for that day when my buddy, Patterson, would wake up and realize he needs a little Black Lives Matter in his life. I’ll be here, James, when you’re ready. Call me!

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