Exhaust is thundering from the engines. Plumes of fire are eating away the sides of the plane. Would I be able to save everyone? Or were we doomed?           

from–Jada Sly, Artist and Spy, by Sherri Winston


Ever wondered what motivates a 10-year-old spy? Sure you have! Wonder no more. Visit @bowlofsherrisart or @iamsherriwinston for a change to get inside the mind of a young spy on the ultimate mission–to prove that her recently deceased mother is NOT deceased but instead living in New York City.

Search the hashtag #JadaSly and hit “follow.” That’s it. That’s all you have to do to be entered into a weekly drawing for a free book. Go ahead. Anyone can do it.

And if you’re a good readers from Goodreads.com, follow the journey. From now until the end of November, I will be giving away copies of Jada Sly, Artist and Spy. All you need to enter is to become a new follower on Instagram. Honest! Cross my heart. That’s all there is to it!

Go on, then. Click, click, click! And keep your eyes peeled–it’s part of your spy training. I think you’ll make a wonderful spy. And more clues will lead to more prizes to come. Shh! More on that later.

The competition starts today and ends on Thanksgiving Day.

Click “follow” @bowlofsherrisart or @iamsherriwinston, #JadaSly, and just like that–presto! Blamo! You’re enrolled in the weekly drawing. Ahhh ….that feels good!


  1. Done! Miss you my friend! FYI check tags at the bottom of your email…there is a typo in “DIVERESE”…hate it when letters pop in my posts or emails where they don’t belong! Happens to the best of us.


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