My name is Sherri Winston.6C69B5E8-81CD-48F0-985A-36CC212DC700

I am the author of The Sweetest Sound, President of the Whole Fifth Grade and President of the Whole Sixth Grade, as well as other books. This blog is for librarians, parents, teachers, enthusiastic readers and anyone wanting to promote reading, writing and a love of words. I’m an enthusiastic school presenter and library performer. Making up stories and drawing people in—that’s what I do, baby! You’re welcome to hang out on my page, get to know me, read my reviews of books I’ve read recently, and learn what’s coming next. If you have questions, you can always reach me at sherriberries@gmail.com


  1. Hi my name is Lexi and I have a project to interview with the author about president of the whole fifth grade the book can you answer some of these questions?

  2. I love President Of the whole sixth grade, I am in sixth grade myself. It encourages me to be the president because it shows me what real responsibilities are and it shows me that this 11-12-year-old can do this, I can too.

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