Jada Sly was written and illustrated by Ms. Winston

When 10-year-old Jada Sly learns that her mother has died in a mysterious plane accident, she eagerly sets out to prove everyone wrong! After living five years in Bordeaux, France, with her art dealer father and government employed mother, Jada’s father decides to take her home to New York City where she was born. Perfect! As much as Jada will miss her spying co-conspirators, she is eager to launch an investigation because New York City is where her her mother had been just before her plane crash.

The Sweetest Sound was a SunShine State List Honoree–recommended rendering for all third-fifth graders in the state of Florida.

With her eleventh birthday only a few weeks away, Cadence Mariah Jolly has a serious problem: What do you do if you make a promise to God, but now you don’t want to keep it?

Her dilemma thrusts the quiet, shy fifth-grader front and center when her hidden singing talent gets discovered and her family’s legacy of overlooking the absence of her runaway mother takes center stage.

Brianna Justice develops a nose for news is this latest installment of her Presidential series.

Brianna Justice knows a thing or two about single-minded determination. She’s ready for action as a sixth-grade reporter with a nose for news and an eye on her newest hero, Action News reporter, Yavonka Steele. When Brianna’s plans to pursue Steele as a mentor get a swift kick to the moon, the enterprising reporter finds herself facing a bigger story–the story of her own prejudices against other black girls living in a low-income neighborhood. With her usual aplomb and flair for drama, Brianna learns a lesson about calling kids “ghetto” and what it means to value yourself no matter where you live.