The little book with BIG appeal.

Brianna Justice, main character in President of the Whole Fifth Grade, will soon celebrate her 10th anniversary. Help me celebrate her book “birthday” in the month of October.

*Contact Sherri Winston at to learn more about the celebrations. And the prizes. The party starts Oct. 1. Don’t miss out. Book giveaways, gift cards and more.

Other Books by Sherri Winston

Brianna Justice puts down her oven mitts for a reporter’s notebook. But when confronted with her own prejudices, does our girl have the recipe to open her mind and learn from her misconceptions?

Middle school is soooo different from elementary. The competition is even more fierce and long-time friendships struggle against the pressure. Brianna fears that everything she’s planned for middle school will be destroyed if her BFF’s can’t get on the same page.

Cadence Mariah Jolly needs her quiet time and craves the strength to speak her mind, especially about her mother, who walked out on her and her family when Cadence was seven. When a video meant for one person winds up on the Internet, will Cadence survive being front and center?


New York City


Type of books I like

I have loved books since before I was this many years old (seven).

  • Adventure
  • Mystery
  • School life
  • Holiday books
  • Friendship