Cadence Mariah Jolly is a quiet girl. At least, on the outside. Inside, she is full of thoughts and ideas–and one HUGE secret.

On her tenth birthday, Mariah prayed for a new keyboard and microphone. She made a promise to God that if her prayer came true, she would transform and use her God-given-singing talent. But time flies when you’re prayers are answered.

Now it’s been almost a year since her dad gave her the keyboard and microphone of her dreams. But instead of feeling empowered, she feels hopelessly confused. What happens if you make a promise to God, then break it?

If she doesn’t make up her mind soon, Cadence is going to find out!


Published by

sherri winston

Author of children's books. Illustrator and doodler. Mother. Friend. Animal Lover. World-class cuddler.

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