Girl Code—the latest in the Brianna Justice series. Our sixth-grade heroine has set aside her mixing bowls to pursue a new dream—TV anchorwoman. However, when she winds up working for a print newspaper in Detroit with her new mentor, Brianna soon learns that much like baking, great journalism requires the right balance of ingredients. Is she up to the challenge of staring down prejudicial stereotypes—especially when SHE is part of the group doing the stereotyping? Get ready, ‘cause Brianna Justice is here!


At this time of year, everyone is posting lists of faves. Us book lovers get filled with holiday glee at the thought of books fresh from the book garden, or wherever great books are born. So here are a few goodies on my list of recommended must-reads:

Must Read:

Stunning tale of heartache and redemption.
Stunning tale of heartache and redemption.

Lost In The Sun (LISA GRAFF): Masterfully written and heart-achingly real. Trent starts middle school desperate to hit the restart button on his life. He craves a new beginning after a fifth-grade tragedy left one classmate dead and Trent feeling the weight of his friend’s loss. After all, he surmises, it was all Trent’s fault. How would you cope with causing the death of another kid? Trent’s struggle feels real and honest. The kind of book that makes you clutch your chest and shake your head while you’re reading it. A darned good book!



Monsters don't stand a chance against the PIB!
Monsters don’t stand a chance against the PIB!

Princess In Black and the Perfect Princess Party (SHANNON HALE): I mean, really? Who wouldn’t want to attend a perfect party in honor of a monster hunting princess? Welcome to the castle, y’all. Princess In Black is in the house. Is it wrong that I buy these books knowing I have no age-appropriate reader with which to share? The PIB (Princess In Black) delivers charm, hilarity and plenty of action. You may scoff, but her tales are a pure delight!




President Cover with Bleed_CMYK[1]

President of the Whole Sixth Grade (SHERRI WINSTON): Brianna Justice thought she had sixth grade all figured out. Until she was actually in sixth grade. Then everything she thought she was sure of–her friends, her future, her Self!–began to shift. How Brianna chooses to find herself and figure out her next move is an inspiration to anyone who has ever faced a challenge and then challenged themselves to figure it out. In a story filled with Ancient Roman facts, yummy cupcake recipes and a class trip from Detroit to Washington, D.C., Brianna Justice learns a few things about life. And maybe teaches a few things, too.


A day at the beach is always better with a good book!
A day at the beach is always better with a good book!

Looking for the perfect book for your kid reader this summer?

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For Brianna Justice, President of the Whole Fifth Grade (and soon to be President of the Whole Sixth Grade), the future’s so bright, you gotta’ wear shades!

Ask yourself, what does school politics, dirty tricks and cupcake recipes have in common? Find out in President of the Whole Fifth Grade! The story features Brianna Justice, a precocious fifth-grader in a small community outside of Detroit, Michigan. Brianna wants to become a cupcake-making millionaire when she grows up, thanks to her idol, TV baker, Miss Delicious. So when the glamorous celebrity baker visits Brianna’s school and says she would never have made a success in her business without the skills she learned as president of her fifth-grade class, Brianna is like, “Well, I’ve gotta’ be President now!” So little Miss Thing launches the mother of all campaigns. She tells everyone she knows that the class president job is hers. And she would have walked away with it. Mmm, hmmph. Free and easy. Except for one thing: Jasmine Moon. Now what started out looking like a sure thing, isn’t so sure at all. How far will Brianna go to make her dream come true. Honey, it’s in the book. You gotta’ read the book!

*President of the Whole Fifth Grade, by Sherri Winston, is currently on the recommended summer reading list for the New York Public Library. It was formerly a Sunshine State Young Reader Award recipient in Florida, where it was also on the recommended reading list for grades 3 to 5; and it was a runner-up for Tennessee’s recommended reading list. President of the Whole Fifth Grade can be purchased online or ordered through your local bookstore.

*Coming soon–President of the Whole Sixth Grade (November).