President of the Whole Sixth Grade

32 days until …

…the release of President of the Whole Sixth Grade (Little, Brown, $17.99) on Nov. 3. The story takes place in a fictitious suburb of Detroit, Mich., called Orchard Park. So while I was in Detroit visiting friends and preparing for the upcoming release of the book, including a fabulous party and book fair being held […]


In A World …

    In President of the Whole Sixth Grade, Brianna Justice hooks up with a kid called, “Click,” and they make stop-motion movies about life in middle school. I love Legos, so I tried making my own movie trailer. It’s hilariously flawed. I’m sure Brianna and Click do much better.



The New York Public Library, The Brooklyn Library and the Queens Library, along with the NYC school library network, has selected President of the Whole Fifth Grade–a book totally written by yours truly–for their recommended summer reading list. Oh, New York. Thank you so much. It’s such an honor. Now if you’re reading this in […]